Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How Best Buy Drives Loyalty with Surprise Rewards | Moxie Pulse


It is traditional for loyalty programs to encourage customers to earn and use points for rewards, but recently more brands are trying to create better connections with valued customers with surprise rewards such as exclusive premieres or shopping invites.

Select members of Best Buy’s Reward Zone loyalty program were surprised with tickets to an exclusive preview of “Twilight Eclipse.” The approach was segmented to high-value customers, who may be big spenders, passionate customers, or people who generate brand-related buzz online. The “Twilight” promotion received great responses and created better connections with the valued customers because they were not expecting the perk.

Implications: Connect with valued customers by offering surprise rewards. Instead of offering deals and loyalty rewards to all consumers, you can focus on your core base of consumers. Surprise rewards feel more generous and build more loyalty than typical approaches.

Cultural Macrotrend: Dollars and Sense

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