Friday, 17 June 2011

Redbook and Kiwi Magazines Host Parties - Advertising

AS traditional media become increasingly willing to try the nontraditional, magazines are exploring ways to promote themselves and brands sold by their advertisers.

Cases in point are Redbook, the mainstay women’s service monthly published by Hearst, and Kiwi, a five-year-old parenting magazine and Web site that focus on a green lifestyle.

Redbook is teaming up with a company called House Party to better reach readers and potential readers. On Saturday, House Party will help Redbook put on 1,000 “girls-only” parties in reader homes, with attendance projected at more than 15,000.

Those attending the National Happy Hour parties, as they are being called, will receive gift items, not to mention copies of the magazine and opportunities to subscribe. There will also be samples, coupons and other merchandise from Redbook advertisers, among them the L’Oréal Paris brand sold by L’Oréal, the Seattle’s Best coffee brand sold by Starbucks and pretzels from Snyder’s of Hanover.

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