Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How to Save the Newspaper Industry - Antony Young - Advertising Age

Anthony Young
Antony Young
Next Monday I'm due to speak on a panel at the Newspaper Association of America's annual MediaXchange conference in Dallas, and I find myself in a sticky predicament. My agency over the past several years has consistently spent less money in newspapers, and I uncomfortably suspect that my appearance is part of the newspaper industry's plan for me to serve some cruel public penance for my sins.
However, our agency is clearly not on its own. The newspaper advertising industry has been in steady decline for some time. By my estimate, they have "lost" more than $17 billion in advertising to other media in the last 10 years. Ouch.
Going to newspaper industry summits can't have been much fun this past decade. Each year a familiar story continues. A loss of ad dollars, circulation erosion, reduced head counts in editorial -- the result of an internet-inflicted slow death.
But what would I do if the newspaper industry were a client? Rather than just add to an echo chamber already filled with word of its demise, what sort of advice or solutions would I offer up?  
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