Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Trouble with Targeting on Connected TV - Ad Age

Video is readily accessible to consumers, available whenever they want it from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. And now the streaming world of online video is available on the traditional TV set, with manufacturers expected to push out more models of connected TV this year.

Connected TV promises a blissful union of the TV advertising experience and online audience targeting. Yet it's not that easy to plug the online targeting model into interactive TV, because of the noticeable absence of one key factor: data.

Online audience targeting is possible online because users go from site to site, bouncing between retail and news and video and entertainment, creating advertising opportunities in the process. It's safe to say consumers aren't going to use their TV set as their primary web-browsing device, leaving no historic web behavior data or cookies to fall back on. Advertisers need to get creative to find and target their audience.

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