Friday, 16 March 2012

March 11-16: Cheat Sheet | Moxie Pulse


Want to catch up with what happened in the digital world this week? Our weekly cheat sheet will fill you in on everything you missed while you were scrambling to meet deadlines and put out fires.

Read on to learn how Neiman Marcus is revolutionizing the retail experience, how Marvel is turning their comic books into magical experiences and how a webcam can let you control your computer with a wave of your hand.

App Delivers Customers’ Shopping History

Neiman Marcus is trialling its NM Service app that provides a customer’s purchase history as they walk into stores.  Once customers opt-in, the store will detect when they walk in and provide new product and event information.  Sales associates will also have a version of the app that will show the customer’s previous purchase history to help better assist them.

Marvel Paves the Way for the Comic of the Future

Last weekend at SXSW Marvel announced plans to provide digital versions of its comics that can be accessed by scanning barcodes on the print versions with a mobile device. Select issues will even facilitate augmented reality experiences that expand on the story or provide alternate story lines. The comic company is also creating a digital-only division that will produce comics with animations and other effects.

Peel Develops a Second-screen App for TV Viewers That Doubles as a Universal Remote

At SXSW, Peel unveiled new social tools within their app that will make the viewing experience more fun. They are trying out the new system with American Idol viewers. Users can give digital “cheers” and “boos” in real-time during performances on the show. This is a great example of how companies are trying to take advantage of the new living room.

The iPhone 4S Has Officially Launched in China on the Nation’s Second and Third-largest Carriers

While many in the U.S. would expect Apple to dominate the Chinese market, the iPhone faces major competition from Samsung, which already has a 3-to-1 lead over Apple and a partnership with China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier. Either way the smartphone space in China is heating up, which will mean big growth for the country’s mobile social networks and new opportunities for global brands to connect with mobile Chinese consumers.

Flutter Lets You Control Your Music by Waving Your Hands

Flutter is a new app that makes use of your Mac’s built-in webcam to start and stop your music. It runs in the background of your computer and is only activated when you’re playing a video or listening to music.

Amex Gets Off to Strong Start With Twitter Couponing Partnership

Last week, we reported that Amex had launched a new program integrating Twitter with their Sync program, tying offers to other social media platforms.  An Amex rep reported that the #AmExMcdonalds, had 2,000 tweets within 48hrs of launch and so far the programs are exceeding expectations for other partners such as Wholefoods & Virgin.  If you haven’t checked out the digital coupons you should, you could be getting $25 off a $75 purchase at Wholefoods by tweeting #AmExWholefoods.  We’ll keep a watch on how this initiative progresses, particularly if customers actually follow through with the purchase.



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