Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How Social Influence Can Get You Discounts on Your Next Purchase | Moxie Pulse


We all love getting discounts and two brands are looking to social influencers to land them dollars off of their next purchase.

A California-based fashion brand, Volga Verdi, is offering customers discounts based on the number of followers, fans, or friends they have on various social networks.  Shoppers can refer to a chart that lists the different amount of discounts it will give for specific numbers of followers or friends across social sites and blogs.  In order to receive the discount, participants must follow Volga Verdi on Twitter, tweet a specific message about the brand, and email the fashion company for confirmation that they are a part of the program.  Only then will Volga Verdi offer the unique discount to each person.

Flash deal site Gilt Groupe and Klout have partnered together for a similar program that offer discounts to people based on their social influence.  The discounts will range from 20% – 100% off of apparel and home décor, and consumers will be awarded unique discounts based on their Klout score.  For example, if you have a score than falls between 0-20, you can get 20% off; however, if you have a score from 81-100, you can get 100% off your purchase.

Implications: People all have some level of influence so brands should identify and value consumers across the board and connect with them at scale.

via Springwise and Tech Crunch



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