Friday, 10 February 2012

Fashion Week Digitized | Moxie Pulse


Today kicks off fashion week in New York, with brands and designers ensuring everyone can participate through digital efforts.  What was once a week for the elite and fashion-forward, has now shifted focus to the consumer.  A variety of technologies have extended the Fashion Week experience since as early as 2009, with live runway streaming.  Last year, Burberry was one of the first to launch a shoppable runway, and we can expect to see more brands offer shopping experiences this week.

Not only has the industry used digital to enhance consumer’s experience, it has also extended digital to a B2B audience.  KDC has launched a Digital Fashion Shows Platform to deliver information about a collection including a pre-taped runway show & high-resolution images. Perhaps cutting this down a bit as it seems to read too long.

Implications: While brands may think industry shows are just for the buyers and planners, the digital age has brought these events to the forefront of consumer’s minds.  Utilizing technologies to share the experience with the end users will not only extend the reach of the shows but will also extend the ROI.

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