Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What to Expect for Apple’s Garageband for E-Books | Moxie Pulse


While Apple has not announced their latest plans for the iPad 3, they are discussing something publishers may want to tune into.

Apple is planning to unveil a new interactive platform called Garageband for e-books.  This new software will make it easy for people to create interactive e-books and allow content to be published for a wider audience, just like the music program.  For one, students could easily justify buying an iPad with the Garageband for e-books built-in rather than buying marked-up textbooks that they will not use again.  For authors, it will mean getting their content published without needed to hire agents, editors, or a publishing company.

Implications: Brands should think of innovative ways to transform the traditional book industry into a revolutionary digital market.

Cultural Macrotrend: Ready, Set, Go!

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