Thursday, 26 January 2012

Now You Can Watch TV via Google+ Hangouts | Moxie Pulse


When Google+ beta first launched in July, everyone was excited about all the cool new features within the site.  The Google+ Hangouts function, in particular, garnered a lot of the attention, and we were excited about the potential for the video chat  platform ourselves.

Google+ has been expanding and refining the Hangouts function and has now rolled out a new TV broadcasting feature.

The Google+ Hangouts On Air allows public figures, celebrities, and users with a large fan base to broadcast a live video within a Hangout while also allowing those beyond the Hangout to watch via a YouTube live stream.  The White House has already jumped on the opportunity to host a 45-minute live segment with President Obama to answer pre-selected questions regarding his State of the Union address.



Implications: Broadcasting content within a single social network can make it easy for brands to interact with their viewers while also allowing people to engage in conversations with each other all within the same channel.

Cultural Macrotrend: Technomorphing

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