Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Comcast Gives iPad Access to Live TV with AnyPlay - Mashable

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  1. If you ask me when I think about streaming my channels to my iPad in my house, it gives me a dirty feeling like I cam cheating on my television. This is something that the cable providers are encouraging by giving their subscribers iPad apps that only stream in the house. No matter how hard I try I can not wrap my head around how it would be better to stream to a 10-inch screen rather then to one of my three televisions that all have screens larger then 30 inches. At least Comcast did give their subscribers access to all their channels, there are some providers that even limit the channels. Working at DISH I have seen disputes between people and their television, and usually the television ends up winning, and I think we should stop this senseless bickering between the television and subscribers. DISH has been doing its part to help stop television infidelity with the sling adapter. With it hooked up to my DISH receiver, I can stream all of my subscribed channels to my mobile device when I am mobile, so the television will never find out I have been watching television on another device.