Friday, 20 January 2012

Chill Uses Pinterest’s Design to Improve Social Video Discovery | Moxie Pulse


Are you one of the millions of Pinterest users pinning images of fashion, home décor, or food to the popular site? If so, then you know that the site is changing the face of discovering products and design inspiration online through photo sharing.

But what if that visual layout were applied to video instead? Chill hopes that people will embrace Pinterest-like video discovery in 2012 with its new revamp.

The site has abandoned its model of for video and replaced it with a new look that can only be described as Pinterest for video. The service hopes that the highly visual layout will make social video discovery easier than it currently is on sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Implications: With demand for online video on laptops and connected devices growing, discovery and curation of video is more important than ever before. Chill’s new layout demonstrates that Pinterest’s simple, user-centric design can be applied to discover online content beyond photos.

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