Thursday, 15 December 2011

Nike Treasure Hunt Turns Vienna into a Game | Moxie Pulse


Do you enjoy treasure hunts or wish your city could serve as a game board?

Nike’s Catch the Flash treasure hunt gathered 50 runners in Vienna, Austria, to host a citywide game. Participants downloaded the Catch the Flash app or used a Nike Catch the Flash map on the web to track where the 50 runners were.

Each runner wore a reflective jacket with a number on the back, and when participants got close enough they took a flash photo of the runner to illuminate the jacket and show the number. The person to capture photos of the most Catch the Flash runners won the competition.

Implications: Stunt marketing campaigns are finding new ways to blend the online and offline worlds to build new experiences for participants. When holding an event in a specific city, use the unique features of mobile such as location-based services to create fun games and other competitions that participants will want to tell their friends about.

Cultural Macrotrend: Ready, Set, Go!

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