Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bacardi Throws You a Party in New Interactive Video Campaign | Moxie Pulse


Barcardi has launched an interactive video that connects with the user’s Facebook to create a personalized holiday party environment. After allowing the site to pull information from your Facebook, the video is personalized with information from your profile. This includes pictures of you and your friends on the walls and drinks personalized with your friends’ names. You even see a gifted sweater with your name on it. The interactive video allows you to act as the party’s DJ and scan the room with a 360 degree experience to fully immerse yourself in the party.

Implications: Facebook Connect is a fun way to create personalized content for your audience. Personalized media builds a connection between the individual and the brand and is also a highly shareable piece of content that users want to show to their friends.

Cultural Macrotrend: Carpe Diem, Funster

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