Tuesday, 22 November 2011

VivaKi Launches Industry Leading Online Advertising Model

Unique collaboration with top marketers and publishers to roll-out optimal online video ad model

16th November 2011: London – VivaKi and a future-focused group of marketers and media owners today announces the UK’s live roll-out of The Pool, the global research project to identify the industry’s optimal online advertising model. The collaboration includes Channel 4, Youtube, Microsoft, O2, Heineken and Samsung and will compare the effectiveness of the ground-breaking ASq® model versus the traditional pre-roll model. ASq® is a new ad format that allows the user to select a preferred ad from a group of brand messages prior to viewing online video content.

Developed by VivaKi, The Pool is a first of its kind industry project that unites clients and media owners to identify, test and create industry standards for new advertising models. The UK Pool initiative will build on the extensive research, both qualitative and quantitative, that has already taken place globally from countries including the States, China and most recently Spain. In the US alone this amounted to over 1 million hour’s research with over 47 million consumers and concluded with ASq® being identified as the most superior online video ad model. The final stage of field trial in the UK sees ASq® being tested live in market. Comscore will manage the research in the UK and will deliver results across a number of metrics including terms of interaction, brand favorability and intent to purchase. The results are expected in early 2012.

Marco Bertozzi, EMEA Managing Director for the VivaKi Nerve Center says:  The idea of choice in advertising is a hot topic at the moment and VivaKi, alongside agency teams within Starcom MediaVest Group and ZenithOptimedia are very excited to be working with such amazing companies to be able to identify the industry’s optimal online video advertising model. It is the first time three major publishers and three of the UK’s leading clients have been bought together to work on such a project and we are really excited about the results and moving towards better monetization of the space.”

Publisher and Advertiser Quotes:

“The opportunity to work with VivaKi on this project was too good to miss. We are always keen to offer advertisers new ways of engaging with our many different audiences and we look forward to seeing the results.” Michael Buckley – UK Head of Trading, Microsoft

 We are excited about the opportunities within video and we see The Pool research into choice formats and ASq in particular to be an extremely valuable undertaking.” Andrew Wynd – Media Manager, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd
“Channel 4 are thrilled to be involved in this project with such a select group of media owners and forward thinking advertisers. We believe that giving users choice and control over their advertising experience could be better for our advertisers and better for our viewers. We look forward to seeing the results and setting the gold standards for the whole Market.” Ed Couchman – Commercial Contoller, Future and Digtial Media Advertising, Channel 4

“YouTube are delighted be part of this project as it aims to demonstrate the strength of online video with its innovative and engaging user choice ad formats”. Dara Nasr – Head of Agency Sales, YouTube & Google Display


About VivaKi
VivaKi is part of Publicis Groupe (Euronext Paris Exchange: FR0000130577; and part of the CAC 40 index) the world’s third largest communications group.  VivaKi aggregates the marketplace influence of four autonomous brands, including two global media agency networks: ZenithOptimedia and Starcom MediaVest Group; and two leading digital marketing agencies: Digitas and Razorfish. On behalf of its agency brands and their clients, VivaKi faces the market to help identify and build technology, message distribution, audience aggregation and content solutions for the future. Sitting at the core of VivaKi is the VivaKi Nerve Center, which serves as a think tank, R&D center and testing ground to activate new pathways for clients to connect with consumers in an increasingly digital world. VivaKi also includes a Talent & Transformation Practice, which leverages the scale of the VivaKi brands to develop and deliver tools and approaches designed to attract, develop, train, motivate and reward the world's best people. www.vivaki.com

About The Pool
The Pool is a first of its kind industry program – developed by VivaKi – that unites the financial resources and thought leadership of its clients and a host of content providers to test and create industry standards for new advertising models.  By “pooling” insights and resources, this initiative aims to identify future engagement models across a variety of emerging media platforms. Participating clients and content providers are given the opportunity to view and evaluate new advertising models and receive access to all proprietary research ahead of the marketplace.

Claire Ballard, Head of Communications, EMEA: claire.ballard@vivaki.com, +44 (0) 20 7961 1164

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