Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Skype Sends Memorable Birthday Messages to Facebook Users | Moxie Pulse


I was flattered at all the “happy birthday” comments I received on my wall on my birthday.  There were very few that stood out among the rest but none too memorable.  Skype is allowing users to add a little flair to their next “happy birthday” message to their friends on Facebook.

Skype launched a Facebook app that features various bands singing an original rendition of “Happy Birthday”.  Users can choose to record themselves singing along with the group video or simply customize a personal message to the birthday friend.  The special message can then be shared on a friend’s wall instead of a generic text post.

Implications:  You can leverage a simple function that is already widely used, such as Facebook wall posts, and add a new twist or a level of customization to make the feature and your brand stand out from the masses.

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