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Creative Marketing: 3 Non-Digital Executions Worth Looking At | Moxie Pulse


As we make our way to work or school, we are bound to see some kind of advertisements along the way, whether it’s on a billboard or a neon sign hanging from a window sill.  But, as marketers, how do we stray away from those typical advertisements and think outside the box?  What can you do to make your advertisements memorable?

As a digital marketing company, we are called to promote brands using digital advertising channels to reach out to consumers.  You can work with television, social media, mobile devices, or the Internet to engage with people; however, bold, digital ideas do not necessarily have to be executed digitally.  While digital marketing can be used to relay a particular message, it can be beneficial to combine multi-channel communications to also promote a campaign or product.

We will look at 3 creative examples that enhance a digital concept with non-digital campaigns.

Newcastle Brown Ale came up with a creative shadow art installation to promote their tag line, “The lighter side of dark.” Two artists were commissioned to stack a number of Newcastle bottle caps in way that would cast a shadow of a man reaching for a glass of beer.  The installation would come “alive” and become visible only at night when a single source of light was shone upon the billboard.


If you’re a movie fanatic, you’ll love this next one.  Warner Bros. Pictures hired a group of microbiologists and immunologists to create a unique billboard of growing bacteria to promote their movie Contagion.  They placed the billboard in an abandoned store-front and let time do the rest.  The billboard was hardly visible; however, over the next few days, the word “CONTAGION” began to grow in mold.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines started a 12 hour Live Tweet campaign where 140 airline employees were used to make live tweets throughout the day.  The campaign was aimed to highlight the airline’s social media services and reassure customers that there will always be a representative on the other end of Facebook and Twitter ready to answer any questions.


All of these executions give added value by engaging and connecting with consumers in a memorable way.  Digital marketing does not have to be limited to strictly digital ideas; rather, incorporating non-digital concepts to enhance the message within a digital campaign can create more outlets for people to be exposed to your brand.  Also, it opens the doors for marketers to deliver ads that are not limited to digital platform so you can reach your consumers in any environment.

Ivy Chang, 10.20.11



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