Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Quaker Uses QR Codes to Market to Consumers Personally | Moxie Pulse


What happens when the Quaker Oats guy decides to get a smartphone and a celebrity friend? You end up with an innovative mobile campaign, on your cereal aisle, featuring Nick Jonas videos and QR codes.

When shoppers scan QR codes on specially marked boxes of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, they are driven to a mobile site that requests the shopper’s Facebook credentials. The shopper is then taken to a mobile video of Nick Jonas, who uses the shopper’s real first name in the video, adding a personalized touch. Moms are also compelled to send free e-cards to their children using a special code on the box. These “happy birthday,” “congratulations,” and “good luck” e-cards also include personalized videos from Nick Jonas.

Implications: Look to social media in a campaign to open up new opportunities for personalization. Adding a personal messages to a campaign creates a more worthwhile payoff for participants and builds a one-to-one relationship between consumer and brand.

Cultural Macrotrend: Fingerprinting

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