Friday, 16 September 2011

Facebook: The Ultimate Way to Sell Your Surplus Inventory | Moxie Pulse


Would you want to market your goods to over 700 million people in an environment where word-of-mouth is impossible to avoid? Of course you would!

Sneakpeeq is one of the cleverer (and more complex) f-commerce solutions; it uses a game-like system to adjust the prices of items based on how many people have checked those prices. The company recently announced that it has brought over 300 brands into its portfolio since launching four months ago. In the face of waning interest in group buying sites, look to f-commerce for the next big explosion in digital deals.

Implication: Use f-commerce platforms to move your surplus inventory at a discounted price and generate word of mouth buzz in the process.

Cultural Macrotrend: Dollars and Sense

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