Thursday, 7 July 2011

WiO Enhances TV-Watching Experience

WiO Enhances TV-Watching Experience


WiO is a mobile app launching in a couple of weeks that uses audiotagging to link consumers’ smartphones to commercials and TV shows. Users open the app, it listens to the commercial or TV show, and information linked to the product pops up on the app when the correct commercial or show is on. If the advertiser has partnered with Wio, the user can receive deals or other marketing elements on the phone.

Implications: Unlike competitors IntoNow and Shazam, Wio is not focused on the social elements of audiotagging TV content but primarily on the experience between the brand and the consumer. While focusing on social may be a fun idea to get users talking about a service, linking brands’ consumers to one another directly could increase the performance of these audiotagged campaigns by focusing on conversion and trial instead of driving people to mobile videos and websites hoping they share it with their friends.

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