Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pringles Rocks Out With New Mobile App

Pringles Rocks Out With New Mobile App


Pringles is appealing to music lovers by turning their smartphones into guitars and drum kits. The Pringles Crunch Band mobile app mimics these instruments while the Pringles packaging itself can be turned into an amplifier by plugging a stereo cord into the phone. Additional instruments such as bass guitar and “the Pringleshaker” can be unlocked by purchasing more cans of Pringles and scanning their barcodes.

Implications: Pringles is adding value to purchasing its product (as we have seen with other brands such as Progresso) and giving its customers incentive to buy more of it. The campaign is naturally social, since aspiring rock stars will want to jam with their friends. Pringles could even have enhanced the social aspect of the campaign by providing an outlet for recordings in the social media space. Additionally, they have created a platform with infinite potential to provide extra incentive to purchase the product, since more instruments, features and tracks can be offered over time.

Cultural Macrotrends: Funster, Technomorphing

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