Friday, 22 July 2011

How to Win People Over with Functional Out of Home Ads

How to Win People Over with Functional Out of Home Ads


So you’re waiting for the bus and your phone’s about to die and on top of it you’re stuck waiting for a bus on one of the hottest, blistering days of summer. What do you do? Who can help you? Do you use your remaining battery life to find the nearest pharmacy and pick up some sunscreen?

Fortunately for you, Vitamin Water and the Australian SunSmart Cancer Council have launched two campaigns that turn out of home advertising into solutions to dead batteries and sunburns at the bus stop.

Vitamin Water’s new bus shelter advertisements have charging stations that can give life back to iPods, smartphones, and games. The execution ties back to the idea that Vitamin Water is an alternative energy source for exhausted consumers.

Meanwhile, the SunSmart Cancer Council has converted bus shelters into sunscreen dispensers so people can wait for the bus without getting burned by the heat. By placing the dispenser in the middle of a skin cancer image, it reminds passengers of the dangers of exposure while also giving them an immediate solution to the problem.

Implications: In the right place, an experiential advertisement that solves real problems people may be facing at that moment is an effective way to give them first-hand experience of your product’s benefits.

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