Friday, 17 June 2011

Watch Whoppers, Win Whoppers: Burger King’s Branded Channel

Watch Whoppers, Win Whoppers: Burger King’s Branded Channel


Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s final execution for Burger King, “Whopper Lust,” is centered on DirecTV channel 111, which displays a rotating Whopper and a clock. For each five minutes that participants watch the channel they earn one free burger. To ensure engagement, viewers must answer questions that appear as they watch or else they lose.

Implications: This example demonstrates the strength of simple messaging and an interesting way to drive long-lasting brand engagement. The brand’s audience has been exposed to similar marketing efforts before in executions such as the Whopper Sacrifice Facebook application. This bold, tongue-and-cheek example ties into that concept by asking viewers to sacrifice their time to earn a burger. Finally, this is an interesting use of an interactive branded channel, which ties into the broader digital trend of interactive TV.

Cultural Macrotrend: Funster

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