Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tesco’s Mobile Commerce Solution

Tesco’s Mobile Commerce Solution


Global grocery chain Tesco faced a major challenge after reaching #2 in the South Korean market. How do they become #1 without increasing the number of physical stores? The chain installed out-of-home storefronts in subways with QR codes that let people shop for groceries while they waited for the train. After filling their virtual carts, Tesco employees deliver the goods directly to the home, sparing the shopper a trip to crowded South Korean grocery stores.

Implications: This execution demonstrates how mobile commerce can be used to make shopping more convenient. The unique use of 2D codes to enable mobile commerce demonstrates that QR codes can play a functional role in driving sales and not just be used to drive to microsites or mobile media. By placing the mobile storefronts in subways, Tesco also demonstrated an understanding of the rhythms and inconveniences of South Korean life, namely waiting on subways and groceries.

Cultural Macrotrend: Hyperlife

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