Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ritz-Carlton Brings Concierge Service to Foursquare

Ritz-Carlton Brings Concierge Service to Foursquare


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has launched World Concierge, a Foursquare-based concierge service that offers users tips about local destinations, landmarks and activities. The hotel chain hopes that this service will drive increased usage of their on-site concierges, who increase loyalty and customer satisfaction by building relationships with those who stay at the hotel.

Implications: Location-based services can be a very effective way for marketers to deliver helpful information when and where it is relevant. Such information seems more trustworthy when it does not directly benefit the brand that is providing it and could be useful for business-to-business efforts in addition to consumer-focused marketing. This is also a great example of a brand bringing an existing service into the mobile environment and making it more useful in the process.

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